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Week 1: There Be


Welcome to our first meet here!!! In first hand, you need to download this document bellow and answer in a paper 

What do you know about the form there be? Let's find out!!!

 Worksheet 01

Tell me, did you remember it all? So let's see how is you listening.

But don't worry... Pause, turn the volume up, repeat theses audios how many times you need

At the end, just click at this picture and get the transcripctions

Audio 1Teens
Audio 2Teens
Audio 3Teens

Now, let's test your knowledge about english! play this game below and challenge your friends!

Access this link and try to answer the Kahoot of this week 


Week 2: 10 Facts

Hello friends! Have you ever heard about the #10FactsChallenge? So, we are going to work with today

Olá amigos! Vocês já ouviram falar do #10FactsChallenge? Então, nós vamos trabalhar com ele essa semana

This is Ms. Ingrid, watch her talk about her family.

Esta é a teacher Ingrid comentando sobre sua família, assista!

Cool right! Now it's your turn, download this document and you'll find the transcription of the video and a place to put facts about your family

Legal né? Agora é sua vez, baixe o documento ao lado e você encontrará a transcrição do video e um lugar para colocar fatos sobre a sua família

Worksheet 02

In this quarentine, We bet you spend the day watching netflix and studing english, right? Let's test what do you know about TV families and english, click on the buttom and play.

Nessa quarentena, nós apostamos que você passa do dia assistindo Netflix, né? Vamos testar então seu conhecimento sobre as familias da TV e inglês, click no botão ao lado e jogue.

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