Week 7: Weather

Hey, welcome again! Who never started a conversation asking: "How about this weather? Crazy, right?"

Today we'll learn some weather expression that you can use daily . But first, watch this cute video as a starter

Now, let's train some vocabulary! Play this audio and follow the instructions to use our gallery at the same time

  • Weather Vocabulary
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Listen to this dialogue and answer the questions of the document bellow on a notebook if you want. Don't forget to access the audio transcription by click on the picture

  • Lucy and Lauren
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Now, click at the button to do a super fun game!!! It's a song from glee, do you like them?

To do this last activity, download our worksheet, where you'll find more listening trainning

You'll also need to watch this video bellow, any question just write a comments.

Week 8: Furniture

Hey, welcome again! How are you guys? I hope you're alright! Let's get ready for our activity Week 8. Don't stop training your English! Do the activities below! take care yourself! See you =] 

  • Luci and Lauren
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Now that you already listened to the dialogue between Lauren and Lucy try to answer these questions bellow. (Agora que você já ouviu o diálogo entre a lauren e a Luvy tente responder essas questões abaixo.)

1) Where are Lucy and Lauren going to travel?

Answer: They are going to ...

2) What country are they travelling to?

A: They are travelling to ...

3) Have Lucy and Lauren ever visited LA (Los Angeles) before? (escolha uma alternativa)

a) Yes, they have.
b) No, they haven’t.

4) How many rooms do they have in the Airbnb place?

A: There are _______ rooms.

5) What furniture are there in the living room?

A: There is..../ There are….

6) What furniture are there in the kitchen?

A: There is..../ There are….

7) Which furniture do the bedrooms have in common?

A: They have ...

8) Which furniture the bedrooms don’t have in common?

A: They don’t have ...

9) How does Lauren and Lucy think the weather will be when they are planning to travel?

A: It will be ...

10) Which amenities Lauren thinks are useful to have in the Airbnb house?

A: She thinks .... are useful.

11) Which amenities do you think are essential in an Airbnb house?

A: I think it is essential ...

12) When are Lucy and Lauren going to travel?

A: Lucy and Lauren are going to travel ...

Let's Play

This time you must play this kahoot to verify if you really undestood the content from today's class. Dessa vez você pode jogar o kahoot para verificar se você realmente entender o conteúdo da aula de hoje.

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