Week 12: Olympic Sports

Hello Kids, Do you like Sports? Let’s see some famous Olympic sports, we have the summer sports and the winter sports!! Which do you prefer? Watch these videos! 

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Do you know that for each Olympic Game there is a mascot? Click here and see if you remember some of them!  Você sabia que para cada jogo Olímpico há um mascote? Clique aqui e veja se você lembra alguns deles!

A Real Experience

Do you know Teacher Kaio? In 2016 he had the opportunity to watch the Olympics. Let’s see some photos!! Choose the correct option!! Você conhece o Teacher Kaio? Em 2016 ele teve a oportunidade de assistir as Olimpíadas. Vamos ver algumas fotos!! Escolha a resposta correta!!

1) In 2016, Where was the Olympic?

A) Japan

B) Brazil


2) What Olympic sport did he watch? 

A) Taekwondo

B) Capoeira

C) Soccer

3) His name is Lee Dae-Hoon. Where is he from?

A) Japan

B) China

C) Korea

4) Her name is Julia Vasconcelos. Where is she from?

A) Spain

B) Brazil

C) Portugal

5) His name is Levent Tuncat. Where is he from?

A) France

B) Italy

C) Germany

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