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Week 14:  4th of July


Hello everyone! Have you ever heard of the 4th of July? It's a holiday that celebrates the independence of the United States. Let's know more about this holiday? Start from the video!

Olá pessoal! Você já ouviu falar do 4 de julho? É o feriado que celebra a independência dos Estados Unidos. Vamos conhecer mais sobre esse feriado? Comece pelo vídeo!


Now, have a look at this gallery and play the audio to learn more about the 4th of July! Agora, olhe a galeria e dê play no áudio para aprender mais sobre o dia 4 de julho!

4th of JulyTeens


It’s time to check your understanding! Answer these questions about the gallery. Click on the audio transcription and search for the answers. É hora de checar a sua compreensão! Responda estas perguntas sobre a galeria. Clique na transcrição do áudio e procure pelas respostas.)


1) Which holiday is celebrated on 4th of July in the United States?

2) What are the names of the historical figures that signed the Declaration of Independence?

3) In which year did the United States become independent?


4 ) The United States became independent from…?

(   ) Ireland                (   ) Canada    
(   ) Great Britain    (   ) Australia

5) People go to the streets to watch....? (Check all alternatives that apply)

(   ) Concerts      (   ) Picnics
(   ) TV               (   ) Parades

6) What kind of food do people like to eat on 4th of July? (Check all that apply)
(   ) Vegetables     (   ) Barbecue     (   ) Breakfast
(   ) Hotdogs           (   ) Desserts       (   ) Chicken


Let's have fun

Is your memory good? Play this memory game and see if you can remember what we’ve learned! A sua memória é boa? Jogue este jogo da memória e veja se você consegue lembrar o que nós aprendemos!

memory match.png

Memory Match

Are you curious?

Open this pdf to have access to fun facts and a word search about the 4th of july! Abra este pdf para ter acesso a fatos divertidos e um caça palavras sobre o 4 de julho! 

teens extra content.JPG

Fun Facts!

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