Week 5: English Countries

Hello and welcome to one more class!!! Do you know that we have exactly 195 countries around the world?

Among them, do you know which ones speak english as official language? Test yourself with this Kahoot

Now, as we did last class, play this audio and follow the instructions of your teacher.

We are going to see some curiosities about England, pay attention to details

Now, use our worksheet 4 to train even more the countries in english. If you have doubts about how to do it, watch this following video.

Watch this amazing video showing London from above. Incredible, right?

Week 6: Holidays

Hello and welcome to one more class!!! Today we are going to see some interesting holidays

But first, let's learn all twelve months of the year. Watch this video write down every month!

Now we are ready to see holidays in english! So, start the audio and follow the instruction to use the gallery!

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Cool, right! So now we have a quest for you. Write in the comments holidays that you didn't see on the gallery.

Please, write the holiday's name and date in english. Don't forget to put your name at the end

Now, use our worksheet 5 to train even more the holidays and months in english. 

And, to finish our class, let's play a memory match!!! How high is your score going to reach?

memory match.png

Memory Match